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Neighborhoods near Trader Joes & Whole Foods

In Mount Pleasant, the iconic Trader Joe’s store and the Whole Foods Market exist within a mile of each other.  So the presence of both high-end national brands in this area of the 29464 zip code provides a definite boost for local homeowners and their home’s market value.  Here are the neighborhoods within a mile or so of the two stores:

The Groves | Cooper Estates | Baytree | Scanlonville | I’on | Bayview Acres | Hobcaw Point | Molasses Creek

Also, here is a handy map showing Mount Pleasant neighborhoods in the vicinity of Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods market.


Mount Pleasant Neighborhoods | How Trader Joe’s vs Whole Foods Grocery Store Competition affects Real Estate Value in 29464

In the never ending search for neighborhood value in the booming Mount Pleasant real estate market, we bring you this gem from Realty Trac.  The graphic purports to show how a neighborhood’s proximity to either Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods relates to the increase in neighborhood property values within the same zip code. According to a national study by real estate data firm RealtyTrac, Trader Joe’s has a six percent edge over Whole Foods with a 40 percent increase in property values.  Whole Foods Market improves home values by 34 percent.

In 2011 Trader Joe’s opened in the 29464 zip code where home prices averaged $275,000.  In today’s market, the average sales price is $375,000.

In the case of 29464 zip, which contains both a Whole Foods and a Trader Joes, I think it is fair to say that having both stores nearby has been a good thing for Mount Pleasant neighborhoods, homeowners, for both their property values and their family’s healthy lifestyle.  Although, I sometimes do miss the quirky old antiques emporium that the current Trader Joe’s used to house.

Trader Joe’s Brings Unique Flavors to Mount Pleasant

Trader Joe’s is a national grocery store chain owned by a German retail supergiant called the Aldi Group.  The store blends traditional cedar-covered walls with local inspiration. The style is California casual, with a kind of surfer vibe as evidenced by the brightly colored, Hawaiian-themed shirts worn by their employees.  The company’s practice is not to offer sales, fancy promotions or discount cards but to change prices only when costs change. It  purchases from manufacturers and not distributors which helps keep costs low. According to company officials, Trader Joe’s unique approach takes a name-brand product, removes the preservatives and artificial colors and ingredients and then sells it under its own label at a discount.  To keep the monotony of retail drudgery in check, they they add about a dozen new items every week. And then they remove an equal number of items at the same time.

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Trader Joe's vs Whole Foods and Mount Pleasant Real Estate








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Doug Hall

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