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From the Moultrie News

The Moultrie Constituent School Board has continued to receive input from the community and has also received periodic updates on the enrollments for all District 2 schools.

The interactive website at www.ccsdschools.com has been active since the Constituent District School Board announced the new attendance zones last fall.
These new zones will go into effect for the 2015-16 year.

Bob Olson, director of Programs and Finance for CCSD has worked closely with CCSD Constituent board chair Marty Belk through this process.

He said the Constituent Board will adopt the attendance zones that have been posted on their website for the past nine months with one change.

Acting Superintendant Michael Bobby said that officials understand there will always be some who wish it was something else, but the Constituent Board went into this with the expectation that certain things needed to be accomplished as result of their work and they needed to do what is best for the most people.

He said that while these new attendance zones won’t go into effect until the next school year, officials wanted to give parents plenty of time to digest the information and make adjustment according to the new plan.

The new attendance zone of Mamie Whitesides Elementary will be decreased and the new attendance zone of James B. Edwards Elementary will be increased. This change was made to accommodate new development planned for central Mount Pleasant which will be located in the new Mamie Whitesides attendance zone.

The following neighborhoods north of Shem Creek and west of Chuck Dawley Boulevard will move from the Whitesides attendance zone to the James B. Edwards attendance zone:

– Creekside Park

– Hermitage

– Paces Watch

– Hunter Trace

– Planters Place

– Hibben Ferry

– Village Creek

– Crickentree Village

– East Bridge

– Marsh Point

– Rosemead

– Hickory Shadows

– Pleasant Pines

This change will move these neighborhoods into the feeder pattern of James B. Edwards Elementary School, Moultrie Middle School and Wando High School. A priority for the Constituent Board was to create true feeder patterns within District 2.

This change will enable all students attending schools in District 2 to attend feeder schools for grades K-12.

The Constituent Board also agreed to only “grandfather” rising fifth- and eighth-graders affected by rezoning for 2015-2016 or those rising fifth- and eighth-graders previously approved through a voluntary student transfer request. No transportation will be provided by Charleston County School District for either group. Parents must provide transportation to and from school.

The new school zones impact all District 2 students for the 2015-16 term.

Any previously approved inter- or intra-district transfer students will be returned to their home school or the identified rezoned school of their primary residence effective 2015-16.

Parents may apply for voluntary transfers by submitting transfer request form to the District 2 office. Requests will be accepted from Feb. 2, 2015, through March 31, 2015. Requests will be reviewed and processed at the first District 2 board meeting following the 10th day of the 2015-2016 school year.

Rising fifth- and eighth-graders can elect to remain in current schools without bus transportation.

The Constituent Board has been working since 2012 on this endeavor. In addition to reaching out to stakeholders, they also hired a consultant to do the legwork and run scenarios using the Proper Inc. GIS System to identify what would happen to student populations as attendance lines moved.

As a result the board requested that the district increase the size of Jennie Moore and Laing from 900 students each to 1,200 students each.

Distinct criteria was used during the decision-making process to include school size, socioeconomic demographics, travel distance and developing a feeder pattern for K-12 students to stay together from school to school.

Also, in working with Mount Pleasant town officials, constituent board members learned about future planned growth for the area, which centered around the north area of Mount Pleasant at Carolina Park and central Mount Pleasant.

At the elementary school level, the largest change came up in the area of Rivertowne to include Rivertowne Country Club, Rivertowne on the Wando and Brickyard. Those students will go to Jennie Moore rather than Charles Pinckney Elementary School.

The Whitesides zone will take in some neighborhoods past the Isle of Palms Connector and give up some at the other end, north of Shem Creek – which were captured in the James B. Edwards zone.

Mount Pleasant Academy had 35-40 percent of their students not living in the attendance zone, so the board expanded the zone to take in more neighborhoods. Olson said the zone remains the same except the addition of neighborhoods along Coleman Boulevard between Coleman and Shem Creek up to Pleasant Pines Street. Beyond that, attendance lines for James B. Edwards, Belle Hall and Sullivan’s Island Elementary Schools will remain the same.

At the middle school level, the feeder system works as follows:

– Belle Hall, Jennie Moore and Whitesides students will feed into Laing Middle School.

– Laurel Hill Primary and Charles Pinckney Elementary students will feed into Cario Middle School.

– Sullivan’s Island Elementary students previously went to Laing and will now go to Moultrie Middle School.

– James B. Edwards and Mount Pleasant Academy students will also go to Moultrie Middle School.

– Students entering their final year at a school can be grandfathered in to stay were they currently attend.

– Voluntary transfer students will be moved, but can apply for a transfer again should they choose.

All area parents will receive a notification this evening.

Area principals have been informed of the finalization.

Because the Charleston County Schools Interactive map is difficult for some people to use, as a courtesy we have captured the various District 2 (Mount Pleasant) school maps in JPEG form below.  All disclaimers apply, so you need to verify this information on your own. The number to call if you have any questions about this resource or the district’s portfolio of school options is (843) 937-6401 – the CCSD Organizational Advancement Department. For more information, please visit CCSD web site.

Upper Mount Pleasant Elementary School Zoning Map

updated district 2 Mount Pleasant Elementary School Map

Lower Mount Pleasant Elementary School Zoning Map

Lower Mount Pleasant Elementary School Map

Upper Mount Pleasant Middle School Zoning Map

Upper Mount Pleasant Middle School Map

Lower Mount Pleasant Middle School Zoning Map

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